Muscadine Bloodline

Muscadine Bloodline


(8:00pm) Unapologetically Alabama.  There’s a new force making major waves in country music. Natives of Mobile Alabama, Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster came together to form Muscadine Bloodline in early 2016.  With three single releases under their belt and a schedule full of shows spanning from coast to coast, they’ve hit the ground running from day 1. Nashville took notice the first time these two stepped on the stage and it’s no surprise the rest of the music world is quickly catching on. Charlie’s [contemporary] vocals complimented by Gary’s harmonies and masterful guitar licks, MB is a powerfully refreshing mix of talent, passion and unfiltered authenticity.  Infamously undaunted by the big stage, their sound intertwines the brash irreverence of early southern rockers with the seductive quality of 90s country love songs. Captivating hooks heard in songs like “Porch Swing Angel” and the aggressively anthemic “Shut Your Mouth” stand as a testament to MB’s wide ranging music-making capability. Every song and every show is a moving experience but at the same time, unmistakably Muscadine Bloodline.

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Opening act - Campbell Station

(7:00pm) With their individual strengths and unbending friendship, Campbell Station is a group whose bond drives them and elevates their music. Campbell's strong, pitch-perfect alto voice and energetic performance style make her a natural lead vocalist. Elaina’s soulful vocals and intuitive ability to harmonize complement Campbell flawlessly. Seth, a brilliant and seasoned multi-instrumentalist, arranges each song to reflect the band’s collective style and highlight their talents. Featuring powerful female vocals and guitar, Campbell Station never fails to deliver an exceptional and entertaining live performance.

Check out their video: Campbell Station

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